How I Made Running Enticing

Gabe Hunt
5 min readMar 12, 2021

I love to run, and I get excited when I get to exhaust myself. When my toes are bouncing from rocks to rocks on the trails, as the sunlight slips through the leaves. Running used to feel as if I would die every so often. Look, to be honest with you; running is exciting, but what gets me to get out there is the sun, nature, and people! As someone who didn’t always love to run, I made it something I crave to do , when I get the time. What are some options to make running something you want to do rather than HAVE to do? There are a key few things I would love to share from my own experience as well as some notes from books I have read.

Runner on a bridge
Photo by Fabio Comparelli on Unsplash

Start small, Walking Helps

Running is more about exercising, once I get my blood moving, no matter how I’m feeling beforehand , I always feel better after. Humans are meant to be moving and being in motion. Movement in all aspects is fundamental to growing, learning, and developing faster as a human. Take into account oh geez idk Newton’s First Law, stating an object in moment tends to stay in motion, while an option at rest tends to stay at rest. Humans life’s are finite, so let’s look at the bigger picture; we live nearly 100 years if our lives are REALLY solid. But for me and my family, I know we have a lot of health issues and living that long either is really a stretch, or , I need to work extra hard. I prefer the latter. Get the ball rolling in anyway you can.

Have a timer for yourself

Keeping yourself accountable is one of the keys. I mean if not you, then who else? I know that may seem crazy at first, but as scary as it is, we need to realize our time is finite and there’s only so little we have. Our initial timer we should worry about is Fortune/or death. Willing and ready, absolutely will not hesitate to take our lives in an instant, so it is imperative we start with the timer of our own lives. Life starts now, we will die. This lifeform and energy we have been using from the Earth will go back to the Earth. This is the first big timer to worry about, the scariest one, one we cannot control ourselves. Better to know that there is a scoreboard with a clock winding down, rather than not knowing there’s a timer at all.

Use time as a way to push past your limits. I am running for about 30 minutes into a…